Wairakei Parents & Caregivers
Cultural Diversity 15This week we fly the colourful flag of Vietnam as we celebrate our school's cultural diversity.  Read more.
Cultural Diversity 14Wow, up to 14 cultures with 13 to go!  This week we fly the flag of the United Kingdom.  Always a surprise on a Monday morning to see which flag will be flying. Read more.
Marimba Group play at Variety ConcertThe Marimba Group played at a Variety Concert in the School Hall this afternoon (Sunday). You wer... Read more.
Cultural Diversity 13As part of our cultural diversity, this week we fly the Western Sam... Read more.
Cultural Diversity 12This week we fly the flag of Thailand to celebrate our cultural div... Read more.
Cultural Diversity 11This week we celebrate our school's cultural diversity by flying th... Read more.